Every day you aim to help and serve every one in your field. Our aim is to make that visually safe. When products are being manufactured at facilities, retail store doors switch their signs to open, and office personnel are conducting business, you can trust Fleagle’s Painting to utilize the best preparation and products available to improve your facility while ensuring minimal disruption to your work environment.

With Fleagle’s floor scrubber/ sweeper we can easily ensure we leave your facility cleaner than we found it. With our aerial man lifts and our array of boom and scissor lifts available for high-reach projects, such as factory and warehouse ceilings, there is nothing we can’t reach.



Our full-time staff of professionally trained painters expertly prepares and applies durable coatings – from latex to epoxy, with an array of sprayers to accommodate every type of application. Unlike many other companies that have to rent their equipment –which delays the process – we own and operate all our technically-advanced machinery. For many industrial projects we begin with our Dustless Abrasive Blasters or 5,000 PSI Hot Water Pressure Washing Rig, removing dirt, grease, soot and peeling paint beyond the capacity of a standard pressure washer.